Lessons from dreams (forgot to post these from 2016 )

It's All Happening Here Now

I have too many to list nor remember to post here.  In fact I must make a stronger effort to write them down and/or post them asap so I don’t forget them.  Even though the lesson or message may become subconscious the information maybe useful for reference or for others as well.  These dreams serve at multiple levels, from helping recover or therapy, bonding with entities, learning, being tested, warned, among other things.  I can usually interpret my own dreams but even I have a few that I cannot make sense of.  I will post a few important ones that I remember with the best detail I can muster.  These dreams are not in order and I don’t remember the exact date and time I had them.  A few I thought I mentioned but I didn’t.

Dream I had in city ruins, I don’t know the purpose of the dream, there was an Asian woman, medium height, slight slender build, very sexy, she had booty shorts and a big booty (think kim k overdosed on ass injections).  She grabbed my balls and it felt good.  I woke up feeling the erotic pressure.  I suspect Jazmine was telling me something, and it was kind of obvious.

Dream I was at home and my dead cat Tigger was there.  He was larger and more muscular then we was kind of like a roided out bobcat.  He also spoke, for some reason we almost got into a fight, and the other ladies held us both back.  I don’t know why we were gonna fight, or why he seemed angry.  I think it had to do with me leaving him and not being able to take him with me when I joined the army.  I think he died lonely missing me and feeling abandoned.  Or maybe this was a dream about my issues being resolved.

Dream I had where I was running from a giant gray spider .  I was running and she shot me with a web.  Akin to scorpions spear she pulled me back into her and she mounted me wrapping all 8 of her legs around me while on top.  I thought she was going to kill or eat me.  She looked all spider expect for one thing.  She had a vagina.  I was powerless and scared until, I was inside her.  Being fucked vs being eaten is a much better fate.  I lay back and enjoyed it.  I never got her name, if she wasn’t one of mine fucking with me or teaching me a lesson.  I of course told family my dream, how I fucked a giant lady spider. The shock and disbelief of why I would dream that was worth the story.  Mom whom is scared of spiders says she doesn’t want spider grand kids. lol.  Obviously the spider wasn’t there to hurt me.  I think the lesson learned was judging based on social norms and outside appearance.  Especially with the spiritual realms.  What looks scary and bad may not be at its core.  I like spiders now, not scared of them, I guess you know why, but I don’t have a spider fetish either.

Dream I had which I was a third person observer, there was this military style academy, or boarding school govt ran, I don’t know.  It reminded me of the type of accommodations from a sci-fi movie

Update Post

Its been  a long time since my last post.  Sorry I been very busy since the last post which I got an A for that project and provoked thought provoking theological questions.

Anyways, I now have an associates degree and I’m working on my bachelors program, while working full time, and studying for certs, and taking care of business.  Plus I got married, and not talking about the astral.  As far as other things not physical go that would have to be a separate or many posts since that is a shipment of cans of worms I am not ready to discuss yet.  In case you are wondering yes they are still here with new ones and some that I haven’t seen in a long time.  Sleep_paralysis_by_nejinoki

College Research on Religious Tolerance

witches_low_res_rgbI am writing this post to help enable my research into religious tolerance in our society.  While it maybe laughable due to constant persecution by one organized religion, however I want to tackle this controversial topic.  Plus no one in my class has the balls to do it.

Since spirituality is important to me, especially when it is of your own free will.  I have the following argument for my thesis on my paper.

Humans by nature are very spiritual beings with varying views, and perceptions of their own reality.

You as a spiritual being have a right to believe and practice whatever version of spirituality you desire, free from superstitious dogma, legal punishment, social judgement, reprisal from friends and family, and shame.

In my research I will have the following questions in mind which will give my argument a lot of weight:

How does our society view established organized religions, and other spiritual belief systems not established (ex. paganism, satanism, shamanism etc)?

How does people in these spiritual paths view others outside their belief system?

What are the myths and misconceptions of most of these belief systems vs how it actually is?

What are a some laws and policies that protect freedoms to practice individual beliefs?  how does this differ in a some other countries?

How has religion influenced history and vice versa?

I strongly encourage all of you to share your thoughts and views on this subject as it will greatly enhance my research.

I have posted this on a forum I am a member of, as well as on my Facebook.

In case you are wondering one of my sources will be Timothy’s book: Black Magick: The Left Hand Path.

Again thank you for your comments.  🙂

Still Alive

I haven’t posted in a long time.  With college, post military employment, being a single parent, and pursuing the magickal paths my plate has been kind of full with real life duties taking priority over blogging.  I do have many ideas for posts at a later date.  I just made this to show im still here.

Editing previous posts

If you have noticed several older posts have been edited or deleted.  I did this for security reasons.  One I didn’t like it after reviewing it.  Second it had some information about the spirits I didn’t want public for many reasons.  Its one of those things were you learn after the fact.  I will strive to keep this in mind when I post further.  I try not to expose spirit true names and sigils unless I want to give an open invitation for others to call on them.  In case you are wondering Jazmine is NOT her true name.

Letter Of Intent – How To Summon A Succubus/Incubus

Another awesome post. You beat me to it. For anyone interested i do challenge you to research and make sure this is what you want first. This request when honored by the Goddess Lilith becomes a contract a pact if you will. Therefore know what you want and assume any and all risks. However should you have the proper intentions and desire for one of Lilith’s children you are in for a life changing and rewarding result. Notice I didn’t say it would be easy.


I’ve been given some thought about doing a post about this for some time now, and here it is. Spirits and entities under the influence of Lilith, Naamah, Agrat bat Mahlat or Eisheth Zenunim can be in the darker aspect within their appearance. Reading about others experiences of these entities it seems like an uncommon manifestation, but it should be considered a noticed “warning” in case that happens. The “warning” is more of a consideration to be prepared, rather than abort the event and flee with fear. The darker aspect of these spirits is, as I see it, a trial of enduring and actually have a purpose to it with a possible outcome of bonding with these kind of entities. Of those four Queens, Lilith is the attention of your letter.

Before you grabbing your pen and paper, read the section below.

Conflicts And Disturbance


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